“… My Mum was a big Rolling Stones fan so there was always Stones records playing at our house when I was a kid. That’s where I got hooked on rock n’ roll… right there at home. My Dad was into old school country singers, Merle Haggard, Box Car Willie etc… so there was always a healthy eclectic mix of music when I was growing up at home.

Aerosmith was the first real gig I went to as a teenager… it blew my mind…. right there and then I wanted to do what those guys were doing on stage! The first record I bought was AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood”… it was an old copy that I got in a second hand record shop. Aside from the fact the cover of the vinyl was killer cool… the guitar embedded in Angus!…. it just has killer songs and sounds awesome. It’s my favourite ever record…… granted it’s a live album, but still for me it’s the best ever.

I played in bar bands for years singing covers, doing weddings, birthday parties etc… a little soul destroying if I’m honest. Million Dollar Reload was my first real band with musicians who had the same ideas and directional aspirations as me. I loved every second of it……. the shows, the tours, the albums……. all of it.

Blackwater Conspiracy is formed from the remnants of that band. Brian, Kie and I wanted to keep playing music together… we kind of grew up a lot whilst playing over the years, we have chemistry in the creative process and we are pals. We wanna take Blackwater Conspiracy to the edge and beyond……….. Rock n’ Roll keeps me sane!”