“… Having grown up in Northern Ireland, in a small town in Co. Tyrone, I was surrounded by musicians of all kinds… so it’s really no surprise I found my solace in music. AC/DC & Iron Maiden were the first bands to really leave a lasting impression on me. When I listened to their albums it sparked the urge to get a guitar strapped round my neck so I could play along to my favourite tunes.

A few years later a friend introduced me to a whole other bunch of artists like Bad Company, Jackson Brown, John Prine… to name a few… and that kind of diversity and song craft really opened my eyes to melody and hooks, so once I began to write my own material they really translated into my song writing.

I’d been playing guitar for a few years, gigging and playing the bar scene, when Phil (who I had known for a few years) asked me if I would be interested in playing bass in a band he was starting. I didn’t hesitate for a second! Bass playing is an art in itself and I was really into the idea of trying something new, something different to what I was used to. I loved it straight away, really got into it and never looked back!

After playing round bars, clubs & theatres, Phil and I got to thinking maybe we should really concentrate on writing more songs of our own. We had been kicking around ideas and were really excited by the few songs we had gotten together. That then led to the beginning of Million Dollar Reload, which also had Brian on guitar. We released two studio albums and a live album and got to see parts of the world I never thought I’d visit. It was a blast and really wet my appetite for music, more so than ever…….

Blackwater Conspiracy began when Million Dollar Reload ended. I feel honoured to play with such talented guys, who play with so much heart, passion and diversity. It’s almost like we’re starting with a blank canvas playing with BWC…… when we play together, it’s like all our individual experience and musical influences unite to create something that feels new and special…”